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2019! The year ahead...

Hello and Happy New Year!

Yes I am aware that we are already a few weeks in but I have been BUSY! I just felt it was time for an update since my last post/overview of my year ahead so anyone who cares about following my work and what I get up to will be in the picture.

In a nut shell, as well as teaching weekly private art lessons I've been working as much as possible over the last few month (that means working evenings, during my daughter's nap times, weekends and whenever I could snag a babysitter) to finish a very large painting of a rose. Lets not beat around the bush: It's for Botanica 2019. I'm pretty sure it will be accepted to hang...I suppose this post is going to get awkward if it is not...

...ANYWAY, the painting has taken me well over one hundred hours to complete and that's on top of prepping more art lessons, selling some other pieces over Christmas and just normal life stuff. Busy.

So! I should have one or two exhibitions to tell you about very soon and look forward to sharing more details about. I also have some more work of mine that is supposed to be going up in a public space hopefully this year but I'll keep that under my hat for now too. What I can tell you about it this:

I'm having another baby! Hooray!

Sooooo that's my year really. It is a strange thing to be so passionate and motivated to pursue my career goals as an artist while knowing that they are going to be put on hold again so soon! But we are extremely grateful to be adding to our family and I would not be holding back on my art for any lesser reason. Besides, I'll be painting until I'm ninety-nine years old so I guess a few years to enjoy my babies isn't that huge a sacrifice (though it does feel like it is sometimes!).

The sum-up:

1. I will continue writing and teaching private art lessons before bub arrives. Unfortunately, my lessons are generally not something that I will be sharing much on social media at this time.

2. I'll have the botanical exhibition/s happening right around the same time as baby arriving (NOT very well timed on my part unfortunately) that I am very excited about,

and then after that ...who knows? As usual, I have a dozen ideas for what I might want to do should I attempt to do any painting/work much after the new baby arrives but the reality may be very different from any plans I try to make. One of my hopes is that I might paint the rose depicted in my blog header! Haha! Lofty goals, I know. But I'm just going to stay as flexible as possible. Thank you for reading!

Lauren Xx

P.S. Keep an eye on my instagram page as that is where you will see any updates and any new art I manage to do before and hopefully some after baby arrives. By all means, check back on my blog too but if you haven't noticed already, I'm not too regular with the old posting. Cheers.

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