Lauren May SK | Artist/Illustrator

My name is Lauren Sahu-Khan AKA Lauren May SK.


I am an artist/illustrator based in Newcastle, Australia- a place of beaches, the bush and a beautiful lake. It is the perfect place for me to live as it is nature and the outdoors that inspires my work the most!


I have completed a Bachelor of Natural History Illustration, with Class I Honours and a Faculty Medal, at the University of Newcastle (2012). Since graduating I have spent as much time as possible working on commissions or creating artwork for upcoming exhibitions, art prizes or for myself. I have had my work accepted to hang in leading botanical art exhibitions in both Australia and the US.


Art is my way of seeing, showing and sharing the beauty of the world around me. I love the challenge of capturing as much detail of the various subjects of my work as possible as well as trying to master the use of various medium to do so. My style of illustration forces me to take the time to observe and appreciate the tiny details of often overlooked things such as a flower, a bird’s feather or (my favourite at the moment) a fallen gum leaf. I aim for my work to be a reflection of all things beautiful, captured in time, and that those who see it will take the time to stop and appreciate it as much as I have.



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