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I’m Lauren, an artist/illustrator based in Newcastle, Australia, where I’m fortunate to live so close to some of the East Coast’s best (I think) beaches, acres of bushland, and the stunning Lake Macquarie. I specialise in watercolours inspired by nature and particularly botanicals, so I am very lucky to be surrounded by inspiration for my next piece.  


I’m a seasoned artist with several awards recognising my dedication to my expertise, and over the years I have had my work hang in several leading botanical art exhibitions both here in Australia and the US. But my main joy as an artist comes from creating beautiful commissioned pieces for clients with a special purpose in mind – to celebrate an anniversary, to remember a first home by, or simply to capture the delicate beauty of a favourite bloom. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of these pieces.


In recent years I’ve expanded into art teaching, including private lessons, children’s art classes, and watercolour workshops for groups of all ages and abilities. In this space I’ve found a new love: in sharing my craft with others, and seeing the beautiful works they can produce too (and how pleased they are when they do).  


My art style quite literally stops to smell the flowers. The attention to tiny, often overlooked detail, the challenge of capturing it, and the reward of being able to enjoy the finished piece is what I love. I hope you love it too. 




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