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Florals and Foliage

Hi there!

Are you after some botanical art for your wall? I've just listed a whole bunch of paintings in my online shop that are absolutely in need finding new homes!

For this instalment of 'paintings Lauren doesn't have the space for in her studio' I am releasing a collection of paintings that centre around flowers and leaves . The selection within this series is quite varied in size and style. I've got everything from a show-stopping, brightly coloured and oversized blue anemone painting (as seen above) to some tiny, delicate and detailed single stem lavender paintings. Most of these paintings are unframed but definitely check the details before you purchase so you know exactly what you are getting.

To see my big anemone being created you can check out this reel over on my instagram page. I've also got start to finish snapshots on this piece saved as 'Process' in my highlights which is worth a look too!

I hope there is something that catches your fancy! These mock-ups of how these paintings could look in beautiful home spaces might give you an idea of their potential ;) ;)

You can see all of the artworks and claim your favourite on my online shop. Also, make sure you're on my mailing list so you will be first to know when new works are listed for sale. I have quite a few more that will become available soon!

Lauren xx

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