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Happy New Year!

Hey there! Happy 2024!

I hope that you have many wonderful things in store for you these coming 12 months. It is an especially exciting new year for me because I expect to have some more capacity to get back in to my studio. Hooray!

Okay, so if you follow me on Instagram (which I recommend you do as that's where I'm most likely to post updates) you may already have seen some work I managed to do during the end of last year. But the idea of having studio time is still so exciting to me! I've already got a couple of commissions lined up to kickstart my 2024 and really make my return to art-making official.

So here is something fun: upon returning to my studio I have also discovered that I have a fair stash of original paintings hanging around. A wide variety of sizes and styles of paintings that I had created during the mish mash that has been my last few years that I never really had the chance to offer up for sale! So if you've had your eye on some of my paintings over the last couple of years please do check up on my shop over the next few months. I will be listing these paintings as I can and notifying my mailing list first followed by all the various social channels.

Other than these few things, I have zero plans. I have precisely one million ideas of what projects I would like to take on but nothing I can commit to yet. As I am still full time parenting I will need to be extremely selective about what I can and will put my time into as an artist. BUT, I'm still very happy with achieving even a little bit of painting (and sales) and will hopefully build from there each year.

Another thing. You may have noticed that my 'Paint with me' page has disappeared from my website. A sad but necessary update. I really enjoy teaching and intend to do more in the future. Now, however, is not the right time for me. Thank you so much to those of you who have reached out to me in recent times wanting to book a class! If you're on my mailing list I will definitely let you know when that might be possible again.

If you see my art updates on Instagram or Facebook make sure you say 'hi' (or drop a like/share). I hope you enjoy seeing the process of my paintings coming to life again. I am certainly overjoyed to be creating in my studio once more!

Lauren x

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