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'Painting Sessions' with Lauren May SK

Hello! I've had a number of people comment to me that it's tricky to find someone teaching technical botanical watercolour painting around the Newcastle area. Well, allow me to help out!

I have booked in my first ever 'Painting Session' at the Society of Artists Newcastle for the start of next month! These sessions are different to my usual workshops. Where my workshops focus on beginner skills with a specific artwork goal in mind these painting sessions will be a lot more self directed (but still Lauren-assisted!). You get to work on exactly what you want to improve on whether it be at a beginner or advanced level, with my help.

Let me explain:

You (along with a small group of other artists) bring along your own art materials and whatever reference material you need to begin/continue a painting you're working on. Over a three hour window you'll be able to work on your painting under my guidance and advice. Need help with your drawing? I'll tell you how to get it looking right. Does your flower look flat? Let me explain why. Can't mix the right colour to match your specimen? We'll figure it out together. It doesn't matter if you've never tried watercolours before or if you're working on mastering some more advanced techniques with the medium, I can help you at whatever skill level you are up to.

I hope to schedule these sessions for every month or two. My intention is to keep them fairly low-key and flexible to evolve into whatever best suits my students' needs. There is one thing you must know, though. If you intend on attending more that TWO of my watercolour painting sessions then you must become a member of the Society of Artists Newcastle (for insurance purposes). However, the annual fee is negligible and well worth paying to be a part of this passionate, creative community. You'll be able to participate in so many other great art classes with a variety of teachers as a member too! To learn more about the Society and become a member click here.

If you're interested in booking into a painting session with me you can do so here. There you will find upcoming dates, times and prices and pay for your seat in the class.

As always, if you have any questions or need any advice then please get in touch! If you'd like to come along but you're not sure what to bring with you then perhaps these two blog posts of mine might be helpful: 'What do I use? My watercolour materials list' and 'What materials should YOU use for your watercolour paintings?' The only extra thing you REALLY need to bring that isn't mentioned in these blog articles is your reference material- the flower/leaves/fruit.etc. that you'd like to paint.

Well, I think that's all. I hope these painting sessions will be helpful to you and it'd be great to see you there!

Lauren x

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