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New colouring in sheets now on preorder! My drawings, recreated by you.

Hi there! I just wondered if you'd like to do some painting?? I have recently sold out of my current selection of colouring in sheets and I'm due to produce a fresh batch. This time I've got some brand new (and better!) designs on offer and I'm taking preorders now!

So, what are they? Basically, these are for those of you who want to practice your watercolour painting skills or enjoy colouring in but are not interested in creating your own designs. I have created two new sets of pre-made drawings and printed them on to watercolour paper ready for colouring in or painting. Since I have printed on to watercolour paper, you can use graphite, coloured pencil, ink, markers, gouache, watercolours or even acrylic paint to colour in! The drawings are printed just dark enough that you can see the lines, but not so dark that the ink would smudge OR that you will have dark outlines spoiling your fine work!

The drawings are all based on artworks that I have created and painted myself. (I have just simplified them a tiny bit for you in some cases). But don't feel like you need to paint the image exactly as I have! There are so many different colour palettes that would work for the subjects I have chosen. For example, one of the new drawings is of an Asiatic Lily. Just have a look here at how many ways you could choose to colour it (and that's only counting for if you're opting for realism! You could totally invent your own lily colours).

I have two different sets of colouring in sheets available. The 'Feeling Floral' set (containing an anemone/poppy drawing, a lily and some pansies/violas) and the 'Australian Natives' set (which has a banksia cone drawing, some eucalyptus leaves and flowering gum drawing). The sets of three are A4 in size and $20 each excluding postage costs.

SO! If you're interested in ordering one or both of my new colouring in sets then now is your chance to order them here. I'll only be making one batch of each set so once they're sold out I won't know if/when they might be available again. The cut off date for placing your order is this coming Sunday the 23rd May 2021 and I'll be busily producing, packaging and posting them the following week to get them to you ASAP.

One more SUPER important thing before you go: These drawing are to be used for practice paintings/personal use ONLY. They cannot be reproduced or used for commercial purposes without written consent from the copyright owner, myself, Lauren May Sahu-Khan. Art theft is rampant online by both dirty rotten intentional thieves but also by innocent people who are unaware of the harm they are doing to small creative business owners by sampling their work. It took me hours to design each and every one of these drawings. I would love to share them with you so you can enjoy painting them too, and can hang them on your wall or give them to friends or family. You can even share them online with due credit given to myself via the caption/tag etc.... But anything beyond that breaches copyright and is directly stealing from me and my business.

Wow. A bit of a serious moment there but that's the facts people. Artists are very vulnerable online and I just wanted you to be aware so innocent mistakes aren't made ;)

Anyway, I truly would LOVE to see your versions of the finished artworks! If you do use these colouring in sheets then please send me images of your paintings to OR use the hashtag #createwithlauren on social media and tag @LaurenMaySK etc. so that I might find them.

I hope you like the new drawings and enjoy painting them as much as I did.

Lauren xx

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