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Feelin' Rosy

Okay! Time for my next collection of original paintings ready for sale and this time...I've got roses *yaaaaaay!*

If you follow me on instagram you will have seen me painting away at some roses during last year (and a little this year too). Well, those roses weren't actually for anything in particular. I painted them just because I really wanted to paint some roses! The flowers and SO fun to paint and the leaves are beautiful too. Well, these paintings have pretty much been sitting in my studio ever since completion and it's high time for them to journey to new homes.

There are THREE rose paintings available right now (the fourth one is not quite finished and looks to be selling straight from my desk anyway). I have two fairly soft and subtle pinky/orange roses, and one in-your-face bright brand and yellow rose- I can't choose which style I like best!

Head to my online shop if you'd like to know prices and details. ONE of the three paintings is already framed so make sure you read the product description prior to placing your order.

I hope you like them!

Lauren xx

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