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Cultivate Exhibition, October 2020!

Hi Everyone!

What a weird year. But here we are, already in September and this is your reminder for the in-person part of the Cultivate exhibition as promised in my last blog post. Happily, the exhibition is able to go ahead and many of the Foundation and Friends' top selling artists will be displaying (and selling) their work there next month! The pieces already on display online for Cultivate here will remain available to purchase as well.

The details:

The Cultivate exhibition is open to the public from 17-25 October, 10AM-4PM at the Lions Gate Lodge in the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. That gives you one week to go and check out the goods. However, between 2 November and the 17 December select pieces from the exhibition will then continue to be displayed at both The Calyx and at the Growing Friends Nursery.

I am so pleased that this exhibition is happening. With two little ones attached to me at all times I am grateful whenever I get the chance to paint at all. For those paintings then to be given such a lovely platform to be viewed by people other than myself is so wonderful. I am very pleased to have six artworks included and three of them are brand new, unseen pieces! (Though I'm sure you've seen glimpses on my instagram).

With the world in the state that it is in currently there will be no opening night for this exhibition. That means that for me to view it I'll be heading down on one of the regular days that the Lodge is open with the exhibition on display. So, I might catch you there!

Lauren xx

ps. The above artwork is by Melinda Edstein.

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