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'Botanic Endeavour' Exhibition

Hello there!

Just dropping in to let you know about an upcoming exhibition I am so pleased to have contributed to! I am very proudly a member of the Florilegium Society at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and have finally been able to donate my first piece of botanical art to this exceptional collection. It is an honour have my work deemed worthy of inclusion!

Over the last few years the Florilegium Society has been collecting artwork from its members for their second project: Botanic Endeavour; The Florilegium Society celebrates the Banks and Solander Collection. Each artwork is a modern, full colour illustration of the specimens collected in 1770 by famed naturalists Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander.

This exhibition is bound to be fascinating! Alongside the Florilegium members' paintings will be some of the newly digitised Banks’ and Solander collection images along with more treasures from the Daniel Solander Library. For details of this exhibition, head to the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney's website here.

I can't wait to head down and see the exhibition myself! Maybe I'll catch you there ;)

Lauren xx

(artwork by Elaine Musgrave)

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