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Isaac's Best Friend, Dob.


In a previous blog post I shared with you the children's book that my husband and I had made for our niece. Well, as I promised (ages ago) here is a preview of the book we made for our nephew.

*spoiler alert* 'Dob' is a Dog.

Our nephew has been obsessed with dogs ever since he learned to recognise one and one of his first words was 'Dob! Dob!' (close enough, right?). He would chant this word for anyone who would listen if he so much as heard a dog barking. Soooo cute.

Here are a few of my favourite illustrations from the little personalised book we made for him. (I would like to apologise to my brother-in-law for a few of the depictions of him. I found consistency a challenge.)

As it so happens, since we started making these books we have gained another nephew, a daughter, and have another niece/nephew arriving very soon. We have not taken any steps whatsoever towards producing their personalised picture books but we have every intention of doing so at some stage soon*. We've found that having the copious amount of time needed to conceptualise, write, illustrate, scan in and edit, assemble and order a children's book whilst raising a child of your not a thing. Fingers crossed for some great 21st gifts though, right?

The book in its entirety, text and all, can be viewed on my Facebook page if you're interested in seeing the whole thing.

Lauren Xx

*probably not very soon at all.

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