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Cultivate (Virtual) Exhibition

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Hi there!

So here is something fun:

The Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens has added a ‘Shop’ to their website where you can now buy artwork from their brand new online gallery.

Even more fun:

My work is included in there!

This online gallery includes the work of favourite artists from the The Foundation and Friends of the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens bi/annual Artisans in the Gardens, Botanica, PLANTS and Wild Thing Exhibitions. The online gallery will run from the 1st of June until the 31st of December 2020. Furthermore, there will be a physical exhibition 'Cultivate' running from the 17th until the 25th of October. Cultivate will include even more of the Foundation's best contributing artists and their stunning botanical and wildlife paintings, drawings and sculptural/wearable art! It is bound to be a dynamic, fun and vibrant show. I can't wait! I'm painting away as much as I can so hopefully I can slip some fresh new pieces in there too.

Have a look here to see the artworks available for sale in the online gallery. Click here if you'd like to see even more pieces of mine that are available to purchase.

I'll post another update/reminder closer to October regarding the physical Cultivate Exhibition and fingers crosses we can all enjoy a fun outing to the city to see some stunning artwork in a beautiful garden as pandemic-free as possible.

Happy shopping!

Lauren x

P.s. The artwork above is by Rachel Hollis.

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