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2022...a mystery to us all.

Oh hi!

How are you going? Thanks for stopping by for my 'what's in store for Lauren May SK this year?' post. The only problem is, I have no idea how this year is going to look for me....

I'm sure you can guess why: Covid-19. The workshops and painting sessions that I got to run last year became increasingly interrupted (and then completely impossible!) with the restrictions and lockdowns we endured. At this stage, the situation has not improved here in NSW and I can't see that it would be wise to put the time and energy into preparing lessons and filling classes just for us all to be disappointed at it's likely eventual cancellation! I really enjoyed the classes that I got to do in between lockdowns and ABSOLUTELY intend on continuing to teach in the future. You will just have to make sure that you are subscribed to my mailing list to be notified as soon as I am confident to lock in some dates again!

Additional to the constant, fluctuating threat of Covid-19, I also had a pretty decent struggle with my health for a large portion of last year. Along with two little kids underfoot, and daycare not an option during lockdowns and sicknesses, I was forced to review what sort of expectations I can have for what I can manage day to day, both then and still now.

Any parent who has tried to balance maintaining their work/career AND raise children knows that the struggle is REAL. It is impossible to consistently deliver your best in both roles at the same time and there is a constant juggle to do 'enough' for either. Well, I am one of the extremely lucky people who can choose to be a full time mum and housewife without our finances and lifestyle suffering. With that in mind and with so many roadblocks in my way as an artist/teacher right now anyway I've decided that, for the time being, my priority will be looking after mine and my family's health and happiness and making meaningful memories with friends and family whenever safe and possible. I need to protect the basic needs that we have as people and a family before pursuing the goals that I have in regards to my career as an artist. Not an easy choice, but I think a wise one!

Far out. What a serious blog post this has become. It sounds like I'm announcing that I'm quitting art completely. I'm not. I promise. I fully intend on painting until I am 90 years old and teaching again as soon is that is something that I can realistically offer again. I also have some tentative art-related plans for a few different ideas this year that I will announce if/when they actually happen. I'm just not going to set any deadlines or pressure on myself currently.

Anway, I guess that's a bit of my snapshot of my headspace at the moment. Now, if you see my website and instagram looking a little dormant at times, it's just because it is... haha! But not forever! I do have a painting that I'm due to start (and complete) ASAP so you'll probably see that happening over on my instagram page very soon - proof for both you and me that I can still paint! haha!

I hope you all have been doing okay over the past two years! It's been such a challenging time with so much fear, anxiety, disappointments, heartbreak and isolation. If you're feeling like your mind and heart are a little burnt out sometimes, I get it! Feel the sadness and the slumps when they happen, but let's make sure we get our chins back up again afterwards and carry on! Put on your favourite music/audio book and play around with splashes of bright colours on your paper! OR, do the opposite and give your brushes a rest and get outside with your loved ones (like me). Your brushes will be there for you when you're ready.

Much love.

Lauren xx

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